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Blanco River spillway
The first spillway on the Blanco River at Blanco State Park

Blanco State Park

Blanco State Park has the feel of a city park, a quilt of green that runs along both sides of a mile of the Blanco River. In the spring, the quilt takes on the red and yellow hue of Indian Blankets and other Texas wildflowers.

Two spillways that cross the river provide a pleasing soundtrack to the park’s relaxed atmosphere, at least when crowds aren’t streaming to the water to escape the summer heat.

The wildlife are the typical residents of a city park – nutria, mallard ducks, raccoons, squirrels and families on a picnic.

The scenic river, lined with live oaks, bald cypresses and other majestic vegetation is fed by springs in the limestone hills. A short nature trail clings to one side of the river.


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