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When I arrived in Texas many years ago, I’ll confess that my image of the state was a flat, parched prairie, broken up only by the silhouettes of oil wells and Longhorn cattle. Instead, I slowly discovered a diverse landscape of rolling hills, colorful canyons, thick pine forests, rich coastal wetlands, white sand beaches, scenic lakes, remote mountaintops, meandering rivers, Chihuahuan desert and, of course, parched prairie. I’ve driven, hiked, paddled and photographed some of it over the years, but I’ve wanted to see a lot more. DearTexas is both a place to share what I’ve seen and encourage me to see more of what I’ve missed.

About me

Scott Clark

Scott Clark

I’m a digital journalist who’s worked as a photographer, reporter, producer and editor. I’m not a biologist, geologist or even a master birder, as you may be able to tell, but my interest in the natural history of my surroundings reaches back to my early days beachcombing on the Jersey coast, rowing my boat on a quiet lake in Missouri and, more recently, discovering the mountains and backwoods of Montana, where I was born.