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Terms of use

Updated November 6, 2013

DearTexas.com showcases the natural landscape of Texas and welcomes visitor participation in the site and its content. The purpose of these terms of service is to maintain a friendly community, let visitors know what to expect and explain their continuing ownership and control of content they may contribute.

By using DearTexas.com (the “Site”) – including but not limited to viewing its content, posting comments or contributing content of your own – you agree to abide by the following terms of use.

These terms of use may be revised from time to time, and the changes will become effective immediately upon posting. By continuing to use the Site, you are agreeing to the revised terms.

Copyrights and use of site content

The Site’s content – including its articles, photographs, and videos – is owned and copyrighted by Scott Clark or other third parties who may contribute content to the Site, with all rights reserved. You agree that you will not make any use of this content for any purpose – commercial or noncommercial – beyond viewing it on the Site without obtaining their explicit written permission.

Any photos, videos or articles you contribute to the Site remain your property. By contributing photos, video or articles to the Site, you are granting the Site a limited, revocable license to use, aggregate and adapt that content for use on the Site. If you want any of that content removed from the Site, notify deartexas.scott@gmail.com, indicating where on the site it is located.

If any content appears on this Site that you feel violates your copyright, contact deartexas.scott@gmail.com immediately.

Participating in the site

DearTexas.com wants to be an inviting place for discussion of the wildlife and natural landscape of Texas. Site users may be able to comment on the Site’s content, respond to other users or contribute content of their own. In general, avoid doing anything that interferes with other users’ enjoyment of the Site or that makes it less than a friendly, inviting place. In particular:

  • Be a good neighbor to others on the Site. Refrain from personal attacks, insults, abuse, hateful comments and sarcasm that has the same effect.
  • Do not misrepresent your identity or appropriate the identity of another person, organization or institution.
  • For your own protection, do not publicly reveal confidential personal information about yourself or others.
  • Stay on topic. This is not a forum for political discussion or debate on general public issues.
  • Do not post any content that is illegal, libelous, defamatory, obscene or that violates another party’s copyright or other legal rights.
  • The Site is for your noncommercial use only. Do not post any comments or content containing advertising, promotions or solicitations for funds, goods or services without the express permission of DearTexas.com.

The Site reserves the right, without notice, to remove any content that violates these guidelines or any other aspects of the site’s terms of use or that the site’s administrators otherwise consider unacceptable for any reason. In addition, at the sole discretion of the Site’s administrators, it may terminate the access of any users at any time.


The Site and its content are provided “as is”. There is no guarantee that the Site, its features, functionality or its content will be accessible at any time.

The content on the Site is for your general information and enjoyment. DearTexas.com makes no guarantee that the information on the Site, or on any sites to which it links, is correct, up-to-date or useful.

Users solely responsible for their content

DearTexas.com desires to create a public forum for sharing of ideas, knowledge and content related to the natural landscape of Texas. The Site is not responsible for, nor does it endorse, any of the comments or other content posted to the Site by its users. The Site may or may not review user content before it appears on the Site. Whether or not the content is reviewed, users of the Site remain solely responsible for their own content.

Users who contribute comments, blog posts, photos, video or other content to the Site are representing that they are the owner of that content and have the right to display it on DearTexas.com. Users contributing content agree to indemnify the Site against any claims brought by third parties for the content those users post on the Site.