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I’m a digital journalist who’s worked as a photographer, reporter, producer and editor. My interest in the natural history of my surroundings reaches back to my early days beachcombing on the Jersey coast, rowing my boat on a quiet lake in Missouri and, more recently, discovering the mountains and backwoods of Montana, where I was born.

Snow Goose

Snow Geese descend by the thousands, dropping from the sky to blanket lakes and fields in white and fill the air with their raucous honking. They arrive on the Gulf Coast in the fall and winter after nesting in huge colonies in the Arctic Tundra over the summer.

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Snowy Egret

Snowy Egrets look as though they've accidentally stepped in a pool of yellow paint. Their legs are black down to their ankles and then suddenly turn a bright yellow at their feet.

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Big Bend: The Home Tour

  Their home was nestled among willow and pecan trees at the foot of Burro Mesa. There was a shaded patio of flagstones at the back of the house and flowerbeds around a hand-dug well lined with rocks that was ...

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Big Bend: Burro Mesa Pour-off Trail

Burro Mesa

The darker rhyolite and yellow breccia layers from the bluff at the start of the trail carry through the rock walls here. Sculpted rhyolite forms the top half of the pour-off, while the more heavily eroded Wasp Spring breccia lies ...

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Big Bend: Pine Canyon Trail

bottom of a 200-foot pour-off that becomes a gushing a waterfall after a heavy rain. In the fall, the surrounding foliage of red oaks and maples turns a bright yellow and scarlet. The walk back through the high desert brings ...

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